Introduction to Biological Oceanography

Course Information

OC 440 – CRN 54828
Time and Location: Spring Quarter 2012, TBA

Instructors: Lorenzo Ciannelli and Pete Strutton, COAS


  • Phytoplankton, microbes, zooplankton, fisheries
  • Factors regulating oceanic productivity
  • The role of ocean biota in cycling carbon and other elements
  • Climate change and ocean biology
  • Coastal upwelling systems
  • Food webs
  • Harmful algal blooms, coral bleaching, ocean acidification, hypoxia, global fisheries
  • Hands on data analysis excercises

Assessment is by weekly homework excercises (no exams).

“After this course I have a much better understanding of how ocean life interacts with large scale atmospheric and chemical cycling processes” -Student evaluation 2008

Learning Resources

Lalli, C.M. and Parsons, T.R., Biological Oceanography, an Introduction. 2nd edition.
General Information and the Syllabus for the 2012 course can be found here.