July 2-6, 2012: 36th Annual Larval Fish Conference

January 16-19, 2012: Alaska Marine Science Symposium

September 22-25, 2010: 2010 Annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference

April 26-30, 2010: 16th Western Groundfish Conference

The Fisheries Oceanography lab holds weekly meetings where we present our research or discuss recent publications. This gives lab members the opportunity to practice their presentation skills, get feedback on their work, and discuss other research in our field. Members of other labs at OSU often attend or present their research at our meetings, and occasionally committe members or special guests attend to offer their expertise. Please contact Lorenzo if you are interested in attending.

Presenters for lab meetings during spring quater 2010:
April 6th – Angela Johnson

April 13th – Lorenzo leads paper discussion
Bergström, U., Englund, G. & Leonardsson, K. Plugging Space into Predator-Prey Models: An Empirical Approach. Am Nat 167, 246–259 (2006).

April 20th – Kevin Thompson

April 27th – Jamie Womble – “Foraging behavior and diving effort of a marine predator in relation to contrasting prey fields” PDF of abstract

May 4th – Mary Hunsicker – “The potential for top-down control by apex predators on tropical mesopredator tunas”

May 11th – Doug Reese summarizes webinar sponsored by the ESA titled “Scaling science to the continent: the role of species-environmental matching models in conservation.”

May 18th – Amanda Gladics

May 25th – Caren Barcelo

February 22-26, 2010: A special session on Spatial Dynamics of Species Abundance and Interactions Across Trophic Levels was presented at the 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR. For more information see the conference website or the session website.

October 9, 2009: A presentation was given to The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology at The University of Oregon by Dr. Bartolino and Dr. Ciannelli. The presentation summarizes results on the effects of density-dependent and density-independent variables on the distribution of yellowfin sole in the eastern Bering Sea. Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

July 22-27, 2009: Dr. Lorenzo Ciannelli and Dr. Denise Breitburg from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center hosted a theme session on Hypoxia and Fish Early Life Stages at the 33rd Annual Larval Fish Conference held in conjunction with The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Portland, OR. The PDF of their presentation, titled “Hypoxia and fish early-life stages: a comparison between human enriched and upwelling-driven systems,” can be downloaded here. For more information on the meeting, see the conference website.

January 25-30, 2009: Dr. Lorenzo Ciannelli and several colleagues from COAS, OSU, and NOAA presented their work at the ALSO Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Nice, France. The PDF of their presentation, titled “Phytoplankton Phenology and Survival of First Feeding Pacific Cod Larvae in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea,” can be downloaded here. For more information on the meeting, see the conference website.