Former Members

Name Position Currently Contact Info
Changsung Moon Software Engineer
PhD Student, North Carolina State University, Major in Computer Science changsung[at]
Tetsuichiro Funamoto Visiting Scholar
The Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) in Japan tetsuf[at]
Mary Hunsicker Post-Doc
Post-doc Research Associate at the NCEAS in Santa Barbara
Angela Johnson M.S. Student (2012) Working at the Newport LBCC ajohnson3010[at]
Sandi Neidetcher M.S. Student (2012) Working at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle Sandi.Neidetcher[at]
Bobby Ireland M.S. Student (2012) Working at ODFW, Newport, OR ireland.utah[at]
Kathryn Doering REU student
Senior, University of Miami, Major in Marine Science k.doering[at]
Michelle Stowell REU student
Senior, Humboldt State University, Major in Oceanography mstowell25[at]
Doug Reese Post-Doc
Instructor in Fisheries and Wildlife, OSU Doug.Reese[at]
Amy Stinton REU student
Aquaculture specialist, Bell Aquaculture, Albany, IN amy.stinton[at]
Jessica Rohde Lab Tech /
Web Designer (2010)
Working on her M.S. at the University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences. jessica.rohde.jro[at]
Mac Barr M.S. Student
Working at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) out of Portland, OR Macbarr[at]
Nathan Bacheler Post-Doc
Coordinator, Southeast Fishery-Independent Survey (SEFIS)
NOAA Fisheries – Beaufort Laboratory
Valerio Bartolino Post-doc
Fisheries researcher at the Swedish Institute of Fisheries valerio.bartolino[at]
Natalie Ehrlich REU Student
Portland State Univerity nrehrlich[at]
Kiva Oken REU student
Graduate student QERM, University of Washington, Seattle, WA okenk[at]