Caren Barceló

Ph.D. student/Graduate Research Assistant
Biological Oceanography

My research centers on understanding the impacts of environmental variability and human activities on marine biodiversity. I use a variety of parametric and non-parametric statistics to examine these effects both spatially and temporally. My PhD research focuses on: 1) community responses of fish and invertebrates to gradients in remotely sensed and in-situ oceanographic data at seasonal and interannual scales; 2) characterizing the habitat of pelagic fish and invertebrate species in the Northern California Current and the prediction of novel fish assemblages under different climate change scenarios; and 3) the development of biotic ecological indicators for ecosystem based fisheries management and conservation.

I am currently collaborating on multiple projects, one with NOAA along the US west coast (in the Northern California Current), another with colleagues at the Institute of Marine Research in Norway (along the Skagerrak coast), and another with NGOs and government agencies in Uruguay and Brazil (in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean). I am currently funded as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow with supplemental funding from NOAA (FATE: Fisheries and the Environment Program).

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