Photos + Videos

Meet Lorenzo Ciannelli, a fisheries oceanographer and marine ecologist with Oregon State University. Working with modelers, statisticians and fisheries biologists from both academic and management institutions, Ciannelli investigates ocean variability and early life stages of fish.
Studying fish during these young stages is critical to predicting future survival, since much of what happens later in life unfolds from events that occur during the first few months of a fish life.


36th Annual Larval Fish Conference 2012 in Bergen, Norway


As part of the hypoxia project we are investigating the in-situ escape response of newly settled flatfish, in relation to background dissolved oxygen levels. We use a beam trawl, with a camera mounted on top, to observe the behavior of the fish once the sampling gear approaches them. Video clips show images collected over four different locations along the Newport Line (OR, ~44.50N).

Thanks to Waldo Wakefiled (NOAA, NWFSC) and Chris Toole (NOAA) for gathering and editing these images.


In summer 2009, COAS celebrated it’s 50th anniversary by inviting Alumni and the Corvallis public to learn about some of our current research by holding and open house.


Dongwha Sohn’s Ph.D. research on Greenland and Pacific Halibut has provided her the opportunity to go on several research cruises in the Bering Sea.


These photos are from several research cruises for Angela and Lorenzo’s hypoxia project, taken on the Elakah off the Oregon coast during the summers of 2008 and 2009.