List of Projects

Year Project Title Funding Link
2012-2014 Predicting habitat quality of juvenile English sole and Dungeness crab in coastal and estuarine nursery grounds Oregon Sea Grant Research Proposal
2012-2015 Settlement body-size and nursery habitats of juvenile forage flatfish in the Bering Sea NPRB
2012-2015 Sustainability of marine renewable resources in subarctic systems under incumbent enivronmental variabilty and human exploitiaton NSF RCN-SEES Project
RCN-SEES Website
2009-2012 CMG Collaborative Research: Reconstruction of dispersal strategies of marine organisms via semiparametric dynamic spatial regression. NSF
2009-2012 CAMEO: Role of predator-prey interactions in marine ecosystem organization. NOAA and NSF Project
CAMEO Website
2009-2011 Ontogenetic patterns of abundance and distribution of Pacific halibut(Hippoglossus stenolepis) and Greenland halibut (Reinharditius hippoglossoides) in canyon and slope habitats of the eastern Bering Sea. North Pacific Research Board
2008-2011 CROOS: Collaborative research on Oregon ocean salmon CROOS website
2008-2011 Effects of hypoxia on ichthyoplankton and micronekton communities off the Oregon coast. Oregon Sea Grant Research Proposal
2008-2010 Interannual and geographic trends in catches of albacore along the West Coast of North America. Oregon Sea Grant Research Proposal
2007-2012 Wintertime cod, pollock and arrowtooth flounder distribution. North Pacific Research Board
2008 Recruitment Study on North Sea fish stocks (RECNOR). Norwegian Research Council
2007-2009 Species-habitat associations in three flatfish species of the eastern Bering Sea as mediated by demographic, human and cross-scale environmental forcing. North Pacific Research Board Research Proposal
2006-2009 CMG Collaborative Research: Nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics and source-sink reconstruction in marine species. NSF
2006-2009 Modeling growth and survival of early life-stages of Pacific Cod in the southeast Bering Sea. North Pacific Research Board
2006-2010 Connectivity between Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) spawning and nursery areas in the eastern Bering Sea: a paradigm for offshore spawning flatfish. North Pacific Research Board